Introducing the latest masterpiece in horology by a new brand company called WRK: A timepiece that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in watchmaking, redefining the art of horology. Inspired by the realms of engineering, motorsport, and contemporary design icons, the upcoming lineup maps the future of timekeeping.

WRK and Carrés des Horlogers teamed up, and I contributed as design freelancer. The goal of creating 3D rendering visualizations is to bring the innovative timepiece to life digitally, accurately capturing its intricate details and advanced features. WRK, a Geneva-based firm, reached out to me for help in illustrating their new concepts. This collaboration lasted several months, focused on showcasing the essence of the product's features and creating digital assets for social media.

- Show Off Design: Highlight the sleek and minimalist design of the watch, making sure every detail looks just right.
- Explain the Tech: Illustrate the technical features of the watch, like how the gears work and the cool spinning tourbillon.
- Make it Look Good: Create a realistic picture of the watch so people can see how awesome it is from all angles.
- Boost Marketing: Create cool pictures for ads and presentations to get people excited about the watch and make them want to buy it.

Date: 2024 Client: WRK / Le Carré des Horlogers Role: 3D Visualization Leader URL: