Introducing the Biofuse 2.0 Goggles, Speedo's latest innovation for avid swimmers seeking style, comfort, and performance.

Speedo is a well-known brand specializing in swimwear and swim-related accessories. They're famous for their high-quality swimsuits, goggles, swim caps, and other aquatic gear. Founded in Australia in 1914, Speedo has since become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the swimming world, used by both recreational swimmers and professional athletes alike.

The objective is to develop the Biofuse 2.0 Goggles, reflecting Speedo's commitment to delivering innovative swim gear that elevates the swimming experience. These goggles will be designed with a circular approach, emphasizing both stylish aesthetics and superior comfort and performance. Key features will include an improved gasket and expanded field of vision, offering a customized and snug fit for users. Utilizing eco-friendly materials in their construction, the Biofuse Goggles aim to achieve exceptional durability, ensuring suitability for various aquatic environments.

- Created and developed in 3D the product range based on the previous DNA from ideation to manufacturing
- Collaborated with engineers to integrate eco-friendly materials and ensure product durability.
- Led for a new visual brand language, including CMF, 3D texturings, and new range lines for adult unisex, female, and junior.
- Develop a new mechanism and ergonomy system for an easy strap setup experience.

- Working and reinventing a new DNA signature and a complete new product architecture.
- Balancing style and performance while prioritizing user comfort posed significant challenges during the design process.
- Ensuring the goggles' eco-friendliness and durability required meticulous material selection and testing.
- Integrating new patented mechanisms and an excellent vlens vision under water for a best user experience

- The Biofuse 2.0 Goggles have garnered high praise for their sleek design, comfort, and performance, establishing them as a must-have accessory for swimmers.
- Their availability on Decathlon/Amazon websites has made them easily accessible to a wide audience, further enhancing Speedo's market presence.
- With their eco-friendly materials and durable construction, the Biofuse Goggles exemplify Speedo's commitment to sustainability and product excellence in the swimwear industry.
- In 2023, Speedo experienced successful sales, with the Biofuse ranking among the top 5 goggles on the market, showcasing its versatility and appeal. Designed with a harmonious balance of form, function, and price.

Date: 2023 / 2024 Client: Speedo Role: Designer Lead URL:

The Biofuse 2.0 was among the top 5 best-selling products on Amazon during the year 2023. Sales skyrocketed, with over 2 million units sold in the market. The product range expanded throughout the year to include a junior line and, more recently, a women's version designed specifically for their facial features and body shape. The range was carefully studied, planned, and translated into design, incorporating all functional benefits, as well as innovations in usability and performance. Currently, they are considered among the best entry-level and versatile goggles for all swimming activities.

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Credits : Speedo