The interactive home assistant speaker with a projection feature. It was designed with a focus on minimalism, functionality, and user experience. Its portable design allows you to carry it in one hand and place it in any preferred location for immediate content interaction. With a sleek and timeless aesthetic, Beamy² blends seamlessly into any home decor.

The design philosophy behind Beamy² draws inspiration from the principles of simplicity, innovation, and human-centered design. These values are reflected in its intuitive user interface and its ability to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Whether you're using it to project photos or documents, listen to music, or control your smart home devices, Beamy² delivers a seamless and immersive experience.

Beamy² was created with the vision of revolutionizing the way we interact with technology in our homes. It was showcased at the CES Exhibition in Las Vegas in 2018/2019 and has since become a beloved home assistant for people around the world.

Date: 2018 Client: Dassault Systemes Role: Creative Lead / 3D Modeler / CG artist

Horizontal position for a roof and ambiance projection.

Designed, modeled, rendered, animated, vr experienced, shooted by Jean HONG