The HyperElite goggles are designed to help competitive swimmers perform their best on race day. Created with input from top athletes and approved by FINA, the Hyper Elite sets a new standard for racing goggles.

   The aim of this project is to design and develop a cutting-edge racing goggle that pushes the boundaries of performance and innovation, aligning with Speedo's commitment to excellence in swimming gear. The Elite goggles have been the best-selling product range for decades, and this project aims to evolve the product range to its next phase for the upcoming decade.

Key Responsibilities
   - Research and Design Management: We oversaw the whole design process and studied the market to make sure we were on the right track.
   - Making the Product Brand Strong: We worked on strategies to make sure everyone knew the Hyper Elite was the best of the best.
   - Testing for Ease of Use: We tested the goggles to make sure they were easy and comfortable for swimmers to use.
   - Creating and Developing Ideas: From brainstorming to making actual designs, we was involved in every step.
   - Making 3D Models and CMF: We used 3D CAD Sculpting to make models and picked the colors and materials.
   - Asking Swimmers for Feedback: We talked to swimmers to see what they thought and made changes based on their suggestions.
   - Making Sure Things Were Made Right: I made sure everything was going as planned during production.

Key Challenges
   - Making Swimmers Comfortable: We had to make sure the goggles felt good on swimmers' faces and didn't block their vision.
   - Making the Hyper Elite Special: We wanted to show everyone that these goggles were better than anything else out there.
   - Making Sure They Last: We worked hard to make goggles that would stay in good shape for a long time.
   - Using New Ideas and Making Them Work: We had to figure out how to use new designs and ways of making things.

Key Results
   The Hyper Elite goggles have been a big hit! Used during competitions, in clubs, and olympic games, people love how they look and feel, and they've been selling really well. Swimmers say they make them feel faster and more confident in the water. The Hyper Elite has helped Speedo stay ahead in swimming gear innovation.

Date: 2021 Client: Speedo Role: Design Lead URL:

Credits : Speedo