Celebrating 10 years since the launch of speedo's most successful racing goggle ever, the FS3 Elite, Speedo is proud to introduce the all-new Fastskin Hyper Elite. Packed full of hydrodynamic and performance-enhancing technologies, the new and improved Hyper Elite goggle gives competitive swimmers confidence with a cutting edge on race day. Developed in close collaboration with the world’s top athletes & fully approved by FINA.

The Hyper Elite was a challenging design project and high technics of precision. As a successor of the famous FS Elite, it was very crucial to reveal all the knowledge of Speedo and bring the latest innovative material technology. On this project, I was proud to produce an outstanding comfort fit, an improvement vision under the water and an update of the Visual Brand Language. This innovation could be done only by a strong collaboration between in-house experts, designers, users and technical teams. It was an amazing design journey by connecting the technology research for the human body.

Date: 2021 Client: Speedo Role: Design Lead - Racing Goggles URL: Tags: Industrial Design, Sport Equipment