Jean is an experienced industrial designer with over 15 years of international exposure. He has worked with renowned global brands and holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Mechanical Design, as well as a Master's in Product Design Management from the ISD Rubika Design School in France.

At Jehostudio, Jean uses his expertise to bring product designs to life, from concept to production. He is known for his attention to detail and ability to create high-end designs that provide users with a top-notch experience. With a focus on technicalities, aesthetics, and visual technologies, Jean creates designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Jean has led successful projects for sports equipment brands such as Aqualung, Speedo, and Canterbury in the UK. He has also worked in-house with Dassault Systemes on 3D design PLM software development and with Huawei R&D for 5G technology products.

At Jehostudio, Jean has a diverse portfolio that allows him to adapt his skills to a wide range of product typologies, including smartwatches, appliances, fashion and retail products, technology apps, UI-UX design, accessories, and CMF trends. With his commitment to excellence, Jean is dedicated to helping clients achieve their project goals and bring their vision to market.